The 1975 Track-By-Track Album Review

the 1975 debut album

The 1975’s debut album has no filler, no hesitation, no censorship, and no faults. I popped the cd into my car (in nod to Music For Cars – EP) and just found myself grinning, dancing, and yes – sometimes even giggling. I listened to every second in the track listed order because this is a masterpiece and deserves to be experienced in the way The 1975 intended.

Track 1: The first track, The 1975 off of The 1975 by The 1975 prepares you sonically and lyrically for what’s to come and also transitions from the more atmospheric sound of their EP’s to the bright sound of the album.

Track 2: The re-recorded version of The City that has some additional production ornamentation including echoing vocals.

Track 3: M.O.N.E.Y. starts off with their more electric sound with lots of fun sound effects but transitions midway through to a M-O-N-E-Y sing-along breakdown and ends with George’s shuffling drum beats.

Track 4: is the original version of Chocolate – “a love letter to the authority figures in our town” (interview). Found myself singing, “Oh my car smells like Chocolate”.

Track 5: The more colorfully produced version of Sex. “We got one thing in common it’s this tongue of mine”. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this album is super sexy.

Track 6: Talk! the anthem for all of us big-mouthed people. “I’ve been thinking lots about your mouth.”

Track 7: Then we have a cinematic transition with An Encounter. This is the kind of song you fall in love with someone to.

Track 8: Heart Out picks up the pace again with “It’s just you and I tonight, why don’t you figure my heart out”. You even get a saxophone dance break! That’s just so The 1975 à la “Me”.

Track 9: They implore us to Settle Down when the album is just too fucking hot. Cooling off is impossible at this point.

Track 10: The slow jam – Robbers. A love song, though you wouldn’t necessarily know that by the name. It’s Bonnie & Clyde meets True Romance (says Ross, the bassist).

Track 11: Girls sounds like their take on what happens to boys when “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with commentary such as: “One moment I was tearing off your blouse now you’re living in my house. What happened to just messing ‘round?” Did I mention that this album’s super sexy?

Track 12: Simply titled 12 and featuring some snapping action, this is another transition piece to move us into the last few tracks. It serves to break up the ridiculously and undeniably danceable Girls and She Way Out.

Track 13: She Way Out. Seriously, if you’re not dancing at this point…

Track 14: Menswear made me crack a huge grin. It starts with their ambient sound which continues to build and layer until Matty’s vocals break in to describe a wedding: “You’re the best man so what’s the plan”.

Track 15: Pressure. I was really relieved this wasn’t a cover. This song begins to settle you down and ease you into the end of the album. That’s right, we get more calming saxophone.

Track 16: You have sadly reached the end, where they round out the album with an introspective, completely stripped-down piano epilogue: Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You.

When I finished my first listen of The 1975’s debut album, the soundtrack to their lives, I just sat there in my car in the dark and took in the narrative from which I’d just emerged. With this album, I plan to take it easy with the replay button because I know it’s going to be one of my favorites – an album I’ll be dancing and singing to for years to come.

– Sydne


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