Top 10 Things You SHOULD Know About fun.

fun. daniel silbert

1) No fun. puns. (ex. have FUN at the fun. concert!)

2) Although Nate Ruess (vocals), Jack Antonoff (guitar) and Andrew Dost (piano and various other instruments) are the face of the band, fun. has three other members who consistently tour with them: Will Noon (Drums), Nate Harold (Bass) and Emily Moore (keyboards, acoustic guitar).

Photo by Daniel Silbert

3) Some Nights was not their first album, Aim & Ignite was.

4) Nate Jack and Andrew were all in different bands before fun.

Nate: The Format

Jack: Steel Train

Andrew: Anathallo

5) Due to the fact that there are 2 Nates in fun., Nate Harold is referred to as”Nattie”.

6) Nate Ruess protests all forms of social media and technology.

7) Nate’s last name is pronounced “Roo-ss” like rooster.

8) Nate Harold and Will Noon have a series of YouTube videos called “Nattie and Noon” that are priceless.

9) The period after fun.’s name came after a Swedish death metal band called “fun” asked them to change their name. Therefore, the added a period.

10) Seriously no fun. puns. Ever.

Want to read my full article on fun.? Click here.


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