Solarsuit Interview

Logan Nelson, frontman of Utah band Solarsuit, sits down with Sydne and Aly to chat about their upcoming debut LP, head injuries, where they’ll be in 10 years, the beautiful tale of how we met, and spirit animals.

Read briefly what happened below!

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0:00 Describing the sound of their upcoming LP!

2:10 Their KickStarter Project

6:50 The Band Name

10:00 Going on their Missions

16:30 The 10 Year Plan

26:00 Porter’s Head Injury

30:00 How We Met

35:40 Their Spirit Animals



Charlie Sheen Supports Solarsuit 

I kid you not, this is not a lie either, Charlie Sheen backed our Kickstarter. Here’s the story. Porter’s in Mexico and he went deep sea fishing over New Years and they were at a really nice hotel, and Charlie Sheen went deep sea fishing with him. He’s got pictures on Twitter with him. He literally hung out with him all night. Charlie Sheen donated $250 to our KickStarter…He bought the actual Solar Suit which I think is so funny.

The Solarsuit 10 Year Plan

If you don’t dream big you don’t get anywhere…I mean, I want to be able to say I have two albums, back-to-back that are phenomenal. People look at us and they go, “Things have happened to me because of your music. I’ve been able to listen to you and say this is what I want to do with my life. This is what I need to change. This is who I need to meet. This is what I need to do.” I want to be able to say that I can change people – not emotionally – but just they feel better when they listen to our music. They have a connection with our music…I want to be able to say, affect people across the world with our music.

Spirit Animals

I don’t wanna say a fish. That’s lame. I think I’m gonna say shark, and the reason why shark is because I have the biggest fear of sharks…I’m embracing the fear and I’m not afraid. I love sharks. I love Shark Week. I am a shark.

Porter’s spirit animal would be a sloth but then when he gets on the drums he’s a viper.

Luke’s a fox…because foxes are really sly and then you see him on stage and he throws down this freakin’ mean solo like when you see a fox in the winter and you’re like, “What the…! There’s this red thing in the middle of the snow!”

Ethan…he could be a cat. Yeah I’d say he’s a cat because he hides around when a lot of people are there and he doesn’t like being around. When he comes out he’s super majestic.

Matthew’s very educated, very smart, very on-target…I’m gonna say Matt Spurrier is an owl.


Thanks for taking the time to sit with us!

– Sydne & Aly


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