For Fans of Twenty One Pilots: Bear Hands

Quirky vocal quality, semi-rapped verses, simple sung choruses: these are the elements that define Twenty One Pilots’ music. If you’re in to that sort of stuff (specifically “Holding On To You“), we present “Giants” by Bear Hands. The first verse kicks right off with a cacophonic and raucous, half-rapped “Two words/ Rock, chalk, shot a Jayhawk/ Never been to jail ’cause I never get caught”. Then just when you start jibing with this snappy energy, they take it down to a groovier and more spacious chorus:

“And you’re loving me whether you want to or not/ Well I want you for sure, I am loving you more/ I am loving you, more”

And you’re barely a minute in. Needless to say, this single is catchy as all hell.

Interestingly, the namesake “giant” cannot be found in the lyrics. When asked about the meaning of the title of the song, singer/guitarist Dylan Rau responded, “That name just makes sense to me, but it doesn’t really apply to the lyrics”. It just feels…giant. [Check out the rest of the interview here.] Read in to that what you may. If you like what you’re hearing, stay tuned for Bear Hands’ sophomore album, Distraction, out February 18.

– Sydne


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