Dear The Neighbourhood,

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! You’ve barely been together for 2 years and you’re getting rid of your drummer? He was the friendliest one of the lot of you! You know what, he is the only one of you who came out to meet and chat with your fans in Salt Lake City. Sure he wasn’t one of the original three of you, but he adds a lot of personality and showmanship (not to mention an entire fucking INSTRUMENT) to your live show. Plus, he quit college just shy of 2 weeks of graduating to be with the band since you were on the verge of taking off. (Read more here.) And now he’s gone?

bryan sammis

Bryan Sammis

If you were going to get rid of someone, let me suggest one of your guitarists – Jeremy – as he was more interested in checking his phone during your biggest show yet at Terminal 5 in New York City than playing the show.

I was questioning your taste last month when you announced that RiFF RaFF would be joining your line up and even more apprehensive when you dropped the new single “Silver” with the goal of sounding like “strip clubs in space” (story here). How are you going to establish strip clubs in space without rad beats? THINK ABOUT THAT.

That being said, I look forward to your upcoming release “#000000 & #FFFFFF”…but you’re on thin ice here – says the fan who has seen you 4.5 times in the last year.

Get your shit together.



UPDATE: Bryan Sammis released this note to his fans alongside the tweet below. The split seems rather amicable (for the band that is.)


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