Make A Shadow EP – Meg Myers

make a shadow - epValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to say, “F#*! you V-day!” than with a new EP by the dark, cimmerian Meg Myers! WARNING: this EP is not for the sweet, light-hearded, rom-com loving listener. Meg takes it to a dangerous place from the start with “Desire”: a heavy, lethal song about a voracious lover. “Desire I’m hungry/ I hope you’ll feed me”.

Make A Shadow EP is a narrative of control – the forced containment, instability, and subsequent loss of it due to love. Desire” represents a sort of calculated control, as if making a plan to trap someone, but at the same time vulnerably and desperately asking, “How do you want me?”. This track is undoubtably unsettling, propelled by a murderous, vengeful psyche.

In “Go”, Meg repels an offending man and continues the edible analogies begun in “Desire” with the lyric: “Talking talking it hurts/ I just wanted dessert”. She falters in her control, giving in to heated (yet tasteful) screaming near the end which is juxtaposed by her cold and detached demand, “Go”.

She returns to a moment of calm and emotional clarity with the title track, “Make A Shadow”. She asks, “Will you take my hand and make a shadow”, a typically Meg line. Instead of the trite, “Let’s hold hands to stay warm” blah blah blah phrase, she’s uniting with her lover to create something dark. Coalescing into shadows.

The re-released “Heart Heart Head” fits perfectly into this narrative of the battle over control. It’s clear that the man in this song has poisoned her to her vital core – infiltrating her sanity. She loses it to desperate cries and screeches. (Ok I realize this sounds very distasteful, but ease yourself in. Trust me, it works.) She expresses a sort of exorcism of the man who has come to haunt her heart and head.

By the last song, “The Morning After”, Myers has no wrath left. “I can’t feel anything the morning after you…”, and the thought drifts off. This lullaby is full of lions and bears, birds and beasts, and angels and nightmares, from which she promises to save the subject of the chanson.

“I would give anything…” the last song evanesces. After running the gamut from empowered fury to empty desperation, Meg has finally whittled herself down to the true emotion running through these songs: helpless desire.

– Sydne


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