International Women’s Day 2014

This International Women’s Day, we reached out to you to share with us your favorite (or one of your favorite) female musicians and why. Thanks to everyone who shared with us!

– Sydne & Aly

Gaby Kirschner:

nicki spikes

Nicki Minaj

“I think she holds her own incredibly well in a very male-dominated and frankly misogynistic genre. She knows she kills it. I aspire to have the confidence that exudes from her verse on “Monster” (and I may or may not work out to it on repeat.) She’s an incredible role model both for women in both mental and physical empowerment (look at those curves!!!!!) and the haters never ever get her down.”


Richie T. Steadman:

aretha franklinAretha Franklin

“That’s a woman who on and off stage demands respect.”


Ellie Williams:

beth gibbonsBeth Gibbons (Portishead)

“Because she’s the best.”


Karl-Mary Akre:

erykah badu“Nina Simone. Billie Holiday. Erykah Badu. Janelle Monae. Sade. Solange. Karen O. Astrud Gilberto.”

“They’re all fearless women of color who have expanded and even pioneered genres in very real ways.”


Lili Safon:

tracy bonhamTracy Bonham

“To me, a lot of her songs are about self-empowerment.”


Charlotte Murtishaw:

joni mitchell“I like so many female artists! To go chronologically by age:

age 7: joni mitchell

age 10: the cranberries

age 17: PJ Harvey

that is all I can remember.”


Lea Thomassen:

deap vally surveyingDeap Vally

“Cuz no one’s ever celebrated the Walk of Shame as shamelessly as they do.”


Catherine Wheeler:

bonnie raitt“I love Nicole C Mullen for her amazing voice and her message.  I love Bonnie Raitt for her earthiness and gritty voice and lyrics and strength – doing blues when women were not doing slide guitar and blues – and being amazing at it.  And Joss Stone – that huge gutsy voice and just love her music.”


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