Bad Suns Interview @ Terminal 5

bad sunsChristo, Gavin, Miles, and Ray of Bad Suns snuck us backstage at their Terminal 5 show opening up for The 1975 where we got cozy in their little changing room. While Ray choked on chili powder (kidding…he survived), we talked to the guys about touring and their artwork, and even got the down low on their debut album Language and Perspective. If that’s not enough, we talk tour mishaps (pants falling down and biffing it onstage) and spirit animals too.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!

– Sydne & Aly



GGG: Why is “20 Years” not on Language & Perspective?

Christo: Well “20 Years” is a great song,  I think, you know I think
it’s one actually of my favorites that we wrote but it felt really good
to just kind of keep it on the EP and let that, we almost want that to
be a rarity in a sense. I feel like when we put the track-listing
together it didn’t necessarily need to be on there. We were originally
actually only going to choose two from the EP to be on the album but we
ended up going with three.

GGG: Is Language & Perspective done?

Christo: We finished recording immediately before we left for this
tour. We kept going back and forth between mixes in between shows on
this tour so we just finished it.

GGG: How has touring been with The 1975?

Christo: All the shows have been quite like what’s going on outside,
it’s been incredible it’s been a whole new experience for us…We never
played a theater show until right before we left for this tour pretty
much, so it’s been brand new for us. We’re so excited and so grateful
to be doing it.

GGG: What’s the crowd reaction been like?

Christo: There’s a lot of people who do know the band but there’s a lot
of people who don’t obviously. So it’s been really nice to kind of try
and gage those people. We meet everyone we can after the shows and
they’re all incredible; it’s been a really good group of people that
come to the shows.

GGG: Best Tour Mishap?

Christo: I feel like we always have the little problems that maybe no
one would necessarily notice. They would just go, “Something sounds off,”
but we kind of really notice and freak out. I think the worst thing
that’s ever happened is we were playing “Cardiac Arrest” and Miles’ bass
drum just broke mid-song and, we were just playing that song with no
kick drum. But there might be something worse than that. I don’t know.

Ray: Ooh, I fell down at SXSW…I was rocking out too hard and there
was a mic stand behind me that I didn’t see and I fell down. I fell
right on my ass, and I got back up and was just kind of like “Whoops!”

Christo: My pants have fallen down on stage before… Gavin actually
came onstage and pulled my pants up for me.

GGG: Where does the band logo come from?

Christo: It derives from the Zia symbol. So basically what happened with that is
when we were naming the band, we found the name Bad Suns and then we
kind of wanted something to identify with it. We liked the idea of
having a symbol or something, we were just kind of playing around with
ideas. We were making our first poster or something. So I was just
googling around for cool design ideas and I searched sun symbol and I came across a Zia symbol, and I read into it and I liked all that it had to do with sectoring into fours. It represents four
seasons in a year, four stages of life, four stages in a day. And this
band is so heavily dependent on the number four and kind of about four
different personalities and so much of this different stuff in the
chemistry where it felt really fitting. We altered it and made it our
own a little bit and we kind of just felt really connected to it

GGG: What was the art concept for the Transpose EP cover?

Christo: For that one we wanted it to look like it was in outer space,
and at the same time we pulled in all these very earthy images like
flowers and mountains and stuff like that. Kind of the juxtaposition of
those things.

GGG: Tell us about “Matthew James”

Christo: That song, well the title is completely random actually
because a lot of the times when I’ll kind of throw a demo together and
show it to the guys I won’t know exactly what to title it yet, so I’ll
kind of just, we’ll use one of our friend’s names or just a random name, a
random something that was kind of funny. We have a friend whose name was
Matthew James so that was the working title, and then later on as we kept
living with the song we were like Matthew James…it kind of just
worked. We liked the way it sounded. The title Language & Perspective is
actually taken from a verse in that song. As soon as that one was
written, especially after we heard the mixes back from it being recorded – you haven’t heard it yet – but it was very obvious that it was going to
start the record from the very beginning. That’s one that we’re really
excited about and it starts off the record in a really great way.

GGG: Does Language & Perspective have a theme?

Christo: “Transpose” is a song that was written for the album. The
themes of the album all have to do with being at this point in life and
kind of the phase of realizing that you’re in a world now, or you were
born into a world where so much has been decided for you already, like
the language you speak, and this this and that. You’re at this point now
where you’re making your own decisions based off of what you’ve gathered
in your own perspective. So I think I really liked the idea of that, and
just being this age that we are, it was only appropriate that we wrote
those songs without trying to adhere to any sort of theme or anything.
The songs were just written. It’s all just purely honest, so it kind of
became not a concept album at all but there’s this period of time. All
the songs worked really well together.

GGG: Tell us about “Sleep Paralysis”

Christo: My dad actually suffers from sleep paralysis. So he would tell
me about it, especially when I was a kid, and it really just kind of
spooked me. The song’s not even entirely about sleep paralysis but that
just plays a part in the song and it was just the best title.

GGG: What are your spirit animals?

Christo: A mighty lion
Gavin: Black panther
Miles: Savannah cat or the bird with the giant shoebill beak
Ray: Hyena



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