Stereo 8 Mixtape ::: 1

::: June 17 – 23 :::

stereo 8Since it’s summer and The Giggs is on break, we wanted to find another way to share the best new Alternative music we’ve discovered. Thus, The Stereo 8 Mixtape. Each week Aly and I will both choose 4 of our favorite (mostly) new jams to add in to an 8-track mixtape. Just like ye olden days. Enjoy!

Aly’s picks

1. “Attica ’71” – Olivver

You’ve probably heard Olivver before and you just don’t know it. Olivver (aka Bryan Sammis) split “amicably” (doesn’t sound like it if you listen to this song) from The Neighbourhood and is now pursuing his own music. The only way to truly describe this song is with two words: damn good. Also? It’s fuh free! It’s like a sweet, four minute slice of amazing pie. Ok, bad description. But still, he plays all the instruments on this song himself, how amazing is that? If this is how good the rest of his music is going to be, sign me up for the Olivver fan club.

2. “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” – Arctic Monkeys

Admittedly this isn’t new, but it is a new single. I never liked the Arctic Monkeys…until their latest album, AM. Something about teaming up with a Hip Hop producer (à la fun.) gave these guys a unique sound they didn’t have before. AM as a whole is a great album, but “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” is quirky, catchy, and oh so good.

3. “Stolen Dance” – Milky Chance

This music video might be a little weird (he’s just sitting there with a plant, seriously) but he’s German, and therefore awesome. The song is pretty low key and kind of gloomy, but it’s still good. Also, another song that is FOR FREE!

4. “Mother & Father” – Broods

The Australian brother and sister duo, BROODS, released their song “Mother & Father” last week on Zane Lowe (because British people are classier) which will be available on iTunes July 1st. It’s catchy, clever, and the artwork is gorgeous. This is one of the best songs they’ve released, if not the best, and raises the bar for their debut album.

Sydne’s picks

5. “Dream Girl” – Miniature Tigers

As the in-house feminist, I feel like I shouldn’t like Miniature Tigers – all of their music is about beautiful, unattainable women. But I think it’s too bad. For them that is. It’s gotta suck to be so consumed with possible love interests. Now that that’s out of the way, I can determinedly say that their latest release, Cruel Runnings, is a fun, alt-pop summer album. Though I’m still working my way through it, I picked “Dream Girl” for this week’s playlist. When I heard the recording, it took me right back to their live show back in February with the insane bassist who rocked up and down like a high-swinging pendulum. When I listen to this song, I feel like I’m back in a 50’s-sytle beauty pageant, skipping through noxiously glittery pink nuages of hairspray. “Oh girl I could never live without you, believe me, you’re just that cool.” Not groundbreaking lyrics, but the bass, the dreamy keys, and that random wooden percussion just make it.

6. “Halcyon” – Glass Towers

I’ve had this album on repeat all week at the coffee shop I work at. If you like Young Kato, you’ll like this slightly less poppy version – the Aussie band, Glass Towers. Singer Ben explains, “[H]alcyon means idyllic or peaceful, and halcyon days means a time in the past that was peaceful.” On this album, they’ve achieved not a sleepy peace, but an energetic, youthful peace. The line from this song that I’m still mentally tripping over is “It’s hard to find love when they’re talking like there’s none to be found/ They think the hardest part is knowing when to stick around”. I think knowing how to stick around is more difficult, but I like that their music is making me think. Even though mostly it just makes me happy while I work my less-than-minimum wage job.

7. “Drowning (Lido Remix)” – BANKS

BANKS‘ voice is sultry, her lyrics simple yet elegant, but to be honest, she is nothing without her production (as my friend K-M pointed out). Thus, her music lends itself to being reproduced and remixed. Lido’s remix of her latest single, “Drowning”, adds in an orchestral prelude and postlude, light synths, takes out some of the rumbly bass, and amps up the chorus to keep the song moving along. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get my hands on The Goddess’ debut album in September. Get your tickets for The Goddess Tour now!

8. S O H N ’ S BBC Radio 1 Residency

Electro-alternative artist/DJ/Producer S O H N took over BBC Radio 1’s airwaves to play some of his favorite new artists. I appreciated his show because he played a lot of current hyped artists in the alt-R&B genre (SZA, BANKS, Sampha) without getting so hipster and far out with his choices that I just felt out of the loop. He also debuted his own remix of “Mecca” by Wild Beasts. To top all that off, his DJ voice is very light and soothing. He came off as very humble and human…even though he dresses like a depressed, nocturnal penguin. You can only listen to this for 7 days, which means you have 4 days left to listen! So set it in the background for your Sunday dinner or whatever it is you’re doing right now.

Listen HERE

sohn residency


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