Stereo 8 Mixtape ::: 3

::: July 1 – 7 :::

mixtape2Since it’s summer and The Giggs is on break, we wanted to find another way to share the best new Alternative music we’ve discovered. Thus, The Stereo 8 Mixtape. Each week Aly and I will both choose 4 of our favorite (mostly) new jams to add in to an 8-track mix tape with Side A (Aly’s picks) and Side B (Sydne’s picks). Mixtapes. Just like ye olden days. Enjoy!


SIDE A: Aly’s picks


1) “Turn Up The Radio” – OK GO

Recently OK GO released a new 4-song EP, Upside Out. Although the single “The Writing’s On The Wall” is pretty good, I prefer the track “Turn Up The Radio”. OK GO has always had a distinctive sound, and this song is no different. I could relate to the sentimental lyrics about loosing yourself in music, and this is purely fun, happy tune.

2) “Run” – The Maine
Before Meet The Bands did an interview with The Maine I thought they were another Forever The Sickest Kids, typical, Warped Tour band (not my cup of tea), but after listening to a few songs I found the weren’t like that at all. With clever lyrics and strong themes “Run” is my favorite off of their new album Forever Halloween and is quickly becoming one of my favorite workout songs.
3) “Collision” – Annasaid
Ok, this song isn’t new, but it’s new to me. Something about this song reminds me of Two Door Cinema Club in a good way. The song pulls you in with a catchy guitar hook and abrupt drum beat, making you tap your toes. Annasaid has to be one of my favorite new bands, with a unique sound and amazing musical composition. And they’re from Denmark, which adds bonus points.
4) “Blud” – SOAK
This song isn’t new either, but what can I say. New releases in Alternative music haven’t been particularly impressing me lately. Regardless, I decided to go with “Blud” by SOAK because over the past few months it has slowly become one of my favorite songs. The vocals on this song are somehow haunting, containing a quality I can’t quite identify. Short and sweet is a good description for this song. The lyrics are gorgeous and simple in the way a good love song can be. This song puts the focus more on the voice and lyrics rather than instrumentation, which strangely works.


SIDE B: Sydne’s Picks


5) “Figure It Out” – Royal Blood

Royal Blood just announced the release of their debut album August 25 alongside this new single, “Figure It Out”. It’s another romping rock hit from this drum/guitar duo. The album sounds promising so far, but if you really wanna go full-tilt, balls-to-the-wall guitar rock, try “Little Monster”.

6) “Gates” – SPEAK

“Gates”, the new single from SPEAK moves along thanks to some kick drum work and light keys/synths. I’m still trying to figure out the obscure lyrics: “I won’t live my life again/ Cause I’ve got the only heaven I want.” Their latest album Pedals is out now if this song leaves you curious for more.

7) “Honey Do” – Beverly 

With the fuzzy guitars, you’d kind of expect some hardcore vocals, but Drew’s delicate vocals sweeten up the song with a whispery “Oh honey do” chorus. If you were about to write this band off as another college rock band, shame on you! The all-knowing Wikipedia would have you know that, “Beverly consists of Frankie Rose and Drew Citron, luminaries of the Brooklyn indie music scene.” LUMINARIES.

8) “I Own It” – Nacey feat. Angel Haze

Move aside Iggy Azalea. Nacey and Angel Haze have a new summer hit. “I Own It” is much more electronic than “Fancy” (thanks to Nacey’s production), and Angel Haze spits faster and harder than my main Aussie lady, Iggy. The alphabet tune which intros the song gets a teenage twist to it: “I won’t grow up/ I wanna have fun/ I just wanna be wild and young”. As far as I’m concerned, this song gets an A! (Yes. Cheesy alphabet joke.) If this isn’t making any sense to you, maybe you should press play on that little track down there. ⬇


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