Stereo 8 Mixtape ::: 4

::: July 8 – 14 :::

mixtape 9 octo - Version 2Since it’s summer and The Giggs is on break, we wanted to find another way to share the best new Alternative music we’ve discovered. Thus, The Stereo 8 Mixtape. Each week Aly and I will both choose 4 of our favorite (mostly) new jams to add in to an 8-track mix tape with Side A (Aly’s picks) and Side B (Sydne’s picks). Mixtapes. Just like ye olden days. Enjoy!

::: ::: :::

P.S. Aly aka Owly is gone this weekend getting in touch with her inner owl at Yellowstone National Park, so I’ll be burning your entire mixtape this week. (Now since there’s no one here to censor the funkiness, I’m going to have an entire Side B of Funky Songs of the Day!) – Sydne


SIDE A: Alternative


1. “Sex (Acoustic at G In The Park)” – The 1975

The 1975 has played “Sex” acoustically probably for years now, but I’ve never heard them recreate it this way. For Greg James’ G In The Park this week, Matty and Adam Hann (guitarist) slowed the song down with Matty on acoustic guitar and Hann creating ambiance with an electric guitar. I love the versatility of this song – that it can be raucous or whistful depending on their stylings. I wonder if the girl in this song now regrets choosing her boyfriend over the charming Matt Healy…

2. “Slow Motion” – PHOX

This week, I had an odd musical craving for something instrumental: violins and the like. I came across PHOX, who curbed the craving for now with their Lumineers-y, acoustic, and rustic sound. I could watch the stars with Aly to this song, and that’s my only standard for Lumineers-type bands. That’ll do PHOX. That’ll do.

3. “Worry” – Jack Garratt

Ok, I know it sounds very Ed Sheeran when you start, but stick with it. The song soars with a little bit of a funky, electro twist early on. These lyrics get me emotional too, man, right from the start: “My nights are broken up by the sounds of women I’ll never meet” which continues on to the lonely chorus, “Pick apart the pieces you left/ Don’t you worry ‘bout it”. This Jack Garratt guy really knows how to saturate his vocals with emotion. Gets me every time. He can be my next Dan Croll the Man Troll.

4. “My Song 5 feat. A$AP Ferg” – HAIM

“My Song 5”, as one of the most rhythm-driven tracks (and one of the heaviest ones too) on HAIM’s debut album, Days Are Gone, makes for a perfect rap collaboration with A$AP Ferg. He only gets one verse late in the song (aside from some random “heys” and “yeahs” interspersed within the track), but it fits pretty well: “Jealous now cuz I’m working with this female band”. I mean, he still stumbles into the pitfalls of sexism as his one verse plays out, but if I’ve got a good mood, I like this song. HAIM is still (obviously) the best part of “My Song 5”, and I’d rather listen to the original. P.S. I WANT THAT JACKET.


SIDE B: Funky


5. “What I Want” – Ameriie

JUMP ON IT! JUMP ON IT! That’s right, Ameriie does a genius sampling of “Apache (Jump On It)” in this new single. Also, this is way better than “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys…just thought that would be relevant to clarify. I’ll be keeping tabs on Ameriie so you don’t have to. I’ve got your back. JUMP ON IT! One last time for good measure.

6. “Burning Up” – JUCE!

The female trio behind JUCE! are destined to be this decade’s Spice Girls, but better, or else there would be no point in making that compairison. Minus the cheesiness, plus the R&B, and with a more mature demographic. “Burning Up” is dedicated to living in the hot-as-hell cities in the summertime. You gotta JUCE it up! Stay hydrated with your daily intake of FUNK.

7. “Trippy’s Theme” – Trippy Turtle

“Trippy’s Theme” showcases all of Trippy’s favorite remixing elements in one sexy theme song: the “wet” reference, keywords “trippy” and “fofofadi”, the dripping water sound effect, and the requisite bed spring squeak. The true identity of the DJ behind Trippy Turtle is still unknown. There was a rumor that he was really Cashmere Cat – not true. You can read his own fictitious bio here.

8. “Future (Live at Maida Vale Studios)” – Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine is proving difficult to categorize, but who really gives a shit. His music hadn’t really stuck with me until “Deckchairs on the Moon”. This week, he performed a live Maida Vale Studio session with Zane Lowe where he gave us a taste of his upcoming EP with “Future”, which he describes as a track that “had that upbeat motion but just had bit more of a sexy tone to it”. “Future” is some Michael Jackson-type shit. It’s only available to stream till Wednesday HERE. (Song at 1:11:30.)

bipolar sunshine meida vale


– Sydnastay


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