Marmozets Interview @ Warped Tour 2014

marmozetsJack & Sam of Marmozets stopped by our swanky red couch at Salt Lake’s Warped Tour 2014. They explain why they dropped the “the” from their name, give us a rundown of the APMA’s from the week before, talk sipping champagne with Ed Sheeran, and list a few things about the U.S. that drive them crazy. Plus at the end, I find out what happens if you say their name wrong…

– Sydne



— It’s NOT “The” Marmozets —

Jack: We just thought it was a bit cooler to not have the “the”. It’s a bit more like, what does that mean, type thing. D’you know what I mean? One of them.

Sam: Everyone still says THE marmozets though, don’y know why. even though we’re established as “Marmozets…But everyone does say, “This is the marmozets”

GGG: Does that bother you?

Jack: It does, massively. Like everytime someone says that, We cry about it. It’s like the of mice and mens, or the black Sabbaths. It doesn’t have the same ring

Sam: And some people still do foo fighters – the foo fighters.

— U.S. vs U.K. Music Scene —

Jack: In the U.K. if you’re at the same sort of level as another band, you will tour with them. Whereas in the U.S. you find that there are a lot of bands that will only do it if they sound sort of similar to the bands.

Sam: You have a lot more bands on the bills as well.

Jack: From the tours that we’ve seen. It feels like it’d be a scritly one-genre tour, cuz in the U.K. you’ll get all sorts of weird stuff. You’ll get like acoustic acts playing with metal bands and stuff.

— American Things that Drive Them Crazy —

Sam: Your flipping gas stations smell weird

Jack: You don’t sell English Breakfast Tea, which is devastating.

GGG: Do you guys usually have teatime? Is that a thing?

Sam: We sit down and have scones and tea? We don’t do that.

Jack: No we don’t really

Sam: In Britain, everyone abuses alcohol, like massively. The age of drinking is different, so people start, like people go out drinking when they’re 16. In the U.S. I don’t think you can drink as much. [he says with a can of beer in hand]

Jack: But it’s all good. We like it here.


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