Mating Ritual

mating ritual

If you’ve never heard of the band Pacific Air, you have never A) listened to The Giggs, or B) been in my car. Early last year I went to my favorite local venue, Kilby Court, to see Walk The Moon. However, the opening act Pacific Air made a lasting impression. I anxiously awaited the release of their debut album, Stop Talking, a breezy beach-y album that hit all the right notes and quickly gained popularity in the Alternative world. I’ve been patiently awaiting new music from the California-based duo, only to find out earlier this week that Pacific Air is no more – for now.

Fresh off the hype of Stop Talking and with no prior indications, fans were shocked to find that brothers Taylor and Ryan decided to put Pacific Air on pause. However, there is a very bright spot in this dim situation. Ryan has developed his own side project, Mating Ritual. On the project’s site, Ryan stated the following:

Pacific Air is not dead, nor is it living. While my brother and best friend Taylor pursues education and explores different endeavors in his life, Pacific Air will be taking a hiatus, and when the time is right for both of us, it will resurface. The last 2 years have been some of the most exciting, frustrating, and wonderful years we’ve encountered, but now I have a bigger, more exciting challenge…

I wearily pressed play on one of the two released songs, “Game” crossing my fingers that I’d like what I was about to hear. Not only did I like it, I loved it. Out of “Game” and “Toxins”, I prefer “Game”, but both songs deserve major props. Mating Ritual doesn’t throw the essence of Pacific Air to the wind, it simply tweaks it slightly. It’s difficult to describe, but Mating Ritual sounds like a slightly edgier version of Pacific Air – and I like it. Ryan has already proven his talent with Pacific Air, and Mating Ritual has the potential to be just as successful. A fan base is already established, with fans of Pacific Air slowly trickling over to the Mating Ritual Facebook page. Mating Ritual has a great jumping off point and with an audience hungry for music, the hard part is going to be continuing to release quality songs. However, if “Game” and “Toxins” are any indication, Ryan knows exactly where he’s going and the only question we’re left with is when we can get our hands on downloads of these songs.

Listen to “Game” and “Toxins” HERE

– Aly


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