BØRNS: Free Candy Y’all

Borns photographed by Indira Cesarine for The Untitled Magazine

Photo by Indira Cesarine

Hardly one day into 2015, and we guarantee you’ll be seeing more of this guy throughout the year. We were first introduced to BØRNS in October of 2014 when he released his single “10,000 Emerald Pools” – an immediate, light, dream-pop gem sparkling with guitar riffs and graced with Borns’ ethereal, feminine voice. In an interview with The Untitled Magazine, BØRNS (né Garrett Borns) explores the weightlessness behind the song: “You can feel weightlessness underwater, or in space, or in this case, it is in love. It’s equating being underwater and everything kind of being in slow motion – being in love with someone and diving deeper into love with this person.” He’d smashed it with just a song, shined with his debut at CMJ in the same month, and released his infectious debut EP, Candy, just a month later.

Borns speaks about how organically the Candy EP was written – hell, you can’t really get more natural than writing an album in a treehouse in California. – but the EP itself only feels “natural” in the sense that each song is so completely catchy and easily embedded (like candy) in one’s aural cavities; rather, his 4-track EP is extremely electronic, glammed up with synths, reverb, and electric guitar. “Electric Love” (featuring the EP’s namesake), is the opposite of the weightlessness of 10K Emerald Pools – it’s exhilariting “lightning in a bottle” with vocals that reach into the heavens. There’s a bit of a surprise with the a cappella intro of “Past Lives” which leads into a deep 80’s synth dance party. This is the most explorative track musically, though very much still in his saccharine pop style.The fated love from “Past Lives” waltzes into “Seeing Stars” – a song about a surreal love that turns reverie into reality.

Borns’ lyrical content may be somewhat predictable (ahem…love), but his sound is fresh, shimmeringly energetic, and promising. So keep your eye on the trendy, (duh, see image above), love-struck BØRNS in 2015. Personally, I’d like to see him channel his pop-sensibilities into something perhaps a little darker. To 2015!

Borns photographed by Indira Cesarine for The Untitled Magazine

Photo by Indira Cesarine


Once you’ve gotten the EP stuck in your head, you can catch BØRNS perform it all LIVE (on tour with MisterWives) this February and March (info here). While you’re at it, grab “10,000 Emerald Pools” for free, this week only, on iTunes here.


2 thoughts on “BØRNS: Free Candy Y’all

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  2. I like his light and “shimmery” love struck tunes – it is a nice change of pace from heavier techno/electronica sounding music which I have enjoyed in the past, as well as hard rock, heavy metal, etc. but I also like to listen to ambient “new age” music. I like to mix it up. Sometimes I just want to listen to something that is light, fun and dreamy and expands my imagination. He seems to be in an inspiring, happy place which is nice to see. It would be a sad thing to see him “channel something darker” – most musicians who do that have gone through a period of tremendous suffering. Didn’t we get enough of that type of music in the 1990s? I sure did. Everyone goes through phases liking different styles of music. Even though I love Nirvana, Soundgarden, and other bands of the Grunge era, I don’t listen to them as often anymore. It’s time for something new and different!

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