How I Received A Mysterious Music Package Today [And Didn’t Die]

Based on today’s events, Transviolet is a band you “in the know” music fans should know something about. The L.A. four-piece made their name known by sending cassette tapes via good old-fashioned mail to potential fans who had no idea who they were; I was one of them. When I checked the mail this morning, I was greeted by a benign looking yellow envelope that was addressed neatly to me,  hand-written in purple ink. On opening it, all I found was a clear, blank cassette tape that suggested, simply, “Just Press Play”.

The cassette contained this mystery band’s debut single, “Girls Your Age”, a moody, haunting, and damn catchy song. After a little googling, I discovered Transviolet is merely a fetus of a band who’ve only just debuted their first single on Pigeons & Planes last week. After talking with others who received the tape, the two commonalities between all of us seemed to be that we were members of either Fueled By Ramen or The Devil Wears Prada’s street teams.

The question remains: how did Transviolet gain access to the home addresses of so many people, and furthermore, was this a genius move or just plain creepy? I’ll admit, I was pretty freaked out when a strange package with no return address or explanation of any kind showed up on my front steps. Was it socks from my dear grandma? Flashbacks of a Ricin scare at the old radio station I used to work at triggered memories of hazmat suits and swat teams.

After briefly wondering if I was going to die, I pulled myself together and decided to appreciate the creativity behind it. This was a bold and clever publicity stunt, and whoever thought it up must be watching everyone’s reactions with a slightly sick, giddy grin on their face. This brave move is certainly throwing Transviolet’s name out there. However, I can’t help but address the invasiveness of this tactic.

Worried parents (who surprisingly figured out how to use Facebook) continue to comment on Transviolet’s social media, demanding to know how they got their child’s home address. Perhaps the band should have thought twice before sending a suspicious cassette to loads of teen girls featuring a song titled “Girls Your Age”, which ethereally sings “Bad boy talking fast, talking dirty. He tells me that I’m hot, so I tell him that I love him. And he says girls your age, never mean what they say.”

Regardless, this move is a clever and daring feat, performed by a faceless group. In fact, this is reminiscent of the launch of The Neighbourhood or Sir Sly. All this, pulled off by a band that has less than 1k likes on Facebook? Pretty impressive. I expect to get the next single express delivery to my door on an 8-track, Transviolet. Ok? Thanks.

– Aly


4 thoughts on “How I Received A Mysterious Music Package Today [And Didn’t Die]

  1. I had to Google this today to see if someone else got it. I thought there was going to be creepy stuff on the tape but I was pleasantly surprised.

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