To The Fangirl #3


Illustration: Jess Kessler Cavaluzzi; Photograph: Ken Grand-Pierre

As my time in college came to a close, I realized it was time to wrap up my final letter to the fangirl, to myself. This letter is, in part, a eulogy to the younger me who valued herself primarily as reflections and projections of gendered stereotypes penned by straight, white boy rockers. Moreover, this letter is a vow to other fangirls: I promise to do my best to shape a world that values and empowers you for who you are.

Where to start.

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How I Received A Mysterious Music Package Today [And Didn’t Die]

Based on today’s events, Transviolet is a band you “in the know” music fans should know something about. The L.A. four-piece made their name known by sending cassette tapes via good old-fashioned mail to potential fans who had no idea who they were; I was one of them. When I checked the mail this morning, I was greeted by a benign looking yellow envelope that was addressed neatly to me,  hand-written in purple ink. On opening it, all I found was a clear, blank cassette tape that suggested, simply, “Just Press Play”.

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A Giggs Guide: How to Apple Music

apple music logoAs a radio station, we here at The Giggs know that however fun it is to share the best Alternative music with our little community, radio is a dying art. This week, with Apple’s foray into the streaming and radio worlds, we have hope that radio and music culture will be revitalized.

Some of you, the more curious types, have already explored the Wild Wild West that is Apple Music. For those of you who are a bit hesitant to take a dip in to these radio waves, we’ve written a friendly lil’ Giggs guide on how to use Apple Music. This could be the future yo! Step into it.

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“Electric Love”: When Sexual Objectification Strikes

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 6.42.53 PMEarlier this year, we here at The Giggs put our money on BØRNS as a potential breakout artist. He’s been gathering acclaim and fans off his spring tour with MisterWives, and has just released the video for pop confection, “Electric Love”.

BØRNS’ dreamy, feminine voice and trendy, androgynous style have come to define him as an artist, and led me to hope that he would be able to spearhead a new sort of genderfuck performance as an alt/indie-pop musician. But Garrett Borns let me down.

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The Giggs’ Best of 2014

the giggs best of 20142014 was the year that The Giggs truly found a home, whether we were in NYC or SLC. For Sydne in New York City, that ranged from getting tickets at the door to sold out shows like Ben Howard, to standing side-by-side with Aly in an empty Terminal 5, moments before the fan girls rushed in to see the 1975 play a sold out show. For Aly in Salt Lake City, a defining moment from 2014 was finally meeting one of the most important musicians in her life – Jack Antonoff (of Bleachers and fun.) – and watching him perform a unique acoustic version of “I Wanna Get Better”, in addition to working behind the scenes at concerts in the Salt Lake area. We’re just as college as ever, but we’re growing up a little bit.

Below are the 50 songs and albums that we chose as our Best of 2014 – the music that has shaped and colored moments from our year. Cheers to even greater moments in 2015!

– Sydne & Aly

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Win a Hozier CD!

Hozierhozier debut album, an Irish musician, has taken over the Alternative world this year with his single “Take Me To Church”. His self-titled debut album offers up even more versatility with songs ranging from blues to rock to sweet acoustic tunes. Themes of love, death, and righteous sin surface throughout.

Do you want to win a physical copy of Hozier’s debut album? We’ve got your hookup! You’ve got to call us this Monday at 7:30 AM and be ready to tell us your favorite song off the album. We’ll be taking TWO winners, so keep calling if you don’t get through the first time. (Barnard/Columbia students only.)

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