Gigg On Forever

The Giggs may be over on WBAR, but it will Gigg On Forever, in our hearts. Too Cheesy? Sorry, here are some nachos to go with the cheese of our last show. But really, it’s a bittersweet time for us here at The Giggs. If you reading this, thanks for being a part of the best college radio show of all time (in our minds).




Local Spotlight: T-Rextasy

Buzzy Artist: James Blake

Funky Song of The Day: “Gomenasai” – Kelela


Albums of the Week

Sydne: The Blue Swell Beverly

Aly: Some Nights fun.

# Song Artist Album Label
1 The 1975 The 1975 I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it ?
2 Midnight River VAULTS (single) ?
3 Take Control Of You Nao So Good – EP ?
4 All Night Beyoncé Lemonade ?
5 Tephra Fear of Men Loom ?
6 In Boxes AURORA Running With The Wolves – EP ?
7 Drop Estrons (single) ?
8 Bummin’ Relient K Air For Free ?
9 Queen’s Speech 4 Lady Leshurr Queen’s Speech ?
10 24/7 Kehlani (single) ?
11 Settle Down Kimbra Vows ?
12 Chick’n T-Rextasy (single) ?
13 Get Over Yourself James Supecave Better Strange ?
14 Contact Beverly The Blue Swell ?
15 What If Bibi Bourelly Free The Real (Pt. #1) – EP ?
16 Gomenasai Kelela Hallucinogen ?
17 My Eyes The Lumineers Cleopatra ?
18 I Need A Forest Fire James Blake, Bon Iver The Colour In Anything ?
19 Where Are U Now Bonzai Sleepy Hungry ?
20 Promise Muna The Loudspeaker – EP ?
21 Carry On fun. Some Nights ?
22 Gun To The Head MishCatt EP ?
23 Living VERITE Living ?
24 Dream Shake Memoryhouse Soft Hate ?
25 The Gardener Tiny Deaths Night Flowers ?
26 Daddy Issues The Neighbourhood Wiped Out! ?
27 Below White Lungh Paradise ?
28 I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it The 1975 I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it ?
29 Bros Wolf Alice My Love Is Cool ?

The Evolution of fun.

It’s no secret I love fun. Actually, I adore fun. I love fun. so much that this past week I saw them in Salt Lake City, and then drove 13 hours to see them in Portland. And it was worth every minute. When I started to write this review, Sydne pointed out that I have a very unusual experience relating to fun.- I’ve seen them every step of the way as they’ve grown into a popular band. I’ve been at many memorable moments in the band’s history, and have seen them in 3 different states. The following review not only gives my opinion on the Most Nights tour, but takes you through the journey I’ve had watching fun. turn into a successful band.

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Top 10 Things You SHOULD Know About fun.

fun. daniel silbert

1) No fun. puns. (ex. have FUN at the fun. concert!)

2) Although Nate Ruess (vocals), Jack Antonoff (guitar) and Andrew Dost (piano and various other instruments) are the face of the band, fun. has three other members who consistently tour with them: Will Noon (Drums), Nate Harold (Bass) and Emily Moore (keyboards, acoustic guitar).

Photo by Daniel Silbert

3) Some Nights was not their first album, Aim & Ignite was.

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